Squier® By Fender® Early Stratocaster® Strat® Waterslide Decal GOLD FOIL

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This waterslide decal is perfect for your vintage Squier® Strat® guitar restoration! This one features true GOLD FOIL and BLACK print on clear decal paper and is intended to be used on any glossy-finished headstock.

This is NOT an inkjet-printed decal. This is "Micro-Dry" printed, so the colors will NOT run or bleed in any way!

All decals we ship are sealed with a topcoat of protective decal film to help prevent damage to the decal during shipping and during the application process.

A comprehensive, full-page application instruction sheet (in English) is included. It is the buyer's responsibility to follow the instructions, so don't go rogue and then blame the decal!

These decals are "Microscale-system friendly". We encourage you to use Microscale Industries liquid "Micro Sol" and "Micro Set" decal solutions (as we always do) for the absolute best results!

Made in the USA!


Ask a Question
  • Can you customize? I have a Squier with a black headstock. This decal is good: SQUIER® BY FENDER® EARLY STRATOCASTER® But the black portions will disappear.

    Hi! Yes! We can customize decals. Just email us with your needs and shipping details and we will quote you via Paypal.

  • Does the squire decal come in black as well as gold

    Hi! We don't stock thatone in other colors, but contact our email address to get a quote for a customized version sent to you via Paypal.