Gibson® Les Paul® Crown Waterslide Headstock Decal GOLD FOIL

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This waterslide decal is perfect for your vintage Gibson® Les Paul® guitar restoration! This one features one opaque pass of GOLD FOIL print on CLEAR decal paper.

These are completely opaque when applied to a gloss-black headstock!

This is NOT an inkjet-printed decal. This is "Micro-Dry" printed, so the colors will NOT run or bleed in any way!

All decals I ship are sealed with a topcoat of decal film to help prevent damage to the decal during application.

A comprehensive, full-page application instruction sheet (in English) is included. It is the buyer's responsibility to follow the instructions, so don't go rogue and then blame the decal!

These decals are "Microscale-system friendly". I encourage you to use Microscale Industries liquid "Micro Sol" and "Micro Set" decal solutions (as I always do) for the absolute best results!

Made in the USA!


Ask a Question
  • Can these be clear coated with nitrocellulose lacquer?

    Yes! Nitro and Acrylic lacquers are good. Alsol you can use enamel clear coats over the decals.

    Stay far away from rubbed-on finished like Tru-Oil. Those are bad and will likely damage or destroy the decal.